The Movement New Album “Fools Like You” + Upcoming Tour!‏

“Fools Like You”
The album is released by The Movement Records and distributed by Bellaphon Records.
The official release date, in Germany, Austria and Switzerland + the Benelux countries
(where the album will be available in all shops) is the 28th of September 2012 .

“Fools Like You” by The Movement is available NOW at our webshop:
and on itunes:

The Movement from Copenhagen is back and ready to move again!!!
With the European welfare systems in decline, and the global economic crisis,
it is their job to bring hope, unity and good music back to the people!

10 new tracks for YOU in classic Movement style, fast and melodic, 5 political songs mixed with 5 love songs!
The album starts with a semi acoustic manifesto song called “Monday Morning” . The sound has a melancholic feeling, and works perfect with the deep voice and the great lyrics on top.

It continue directly into the song “We Got Marx” how lucky can you be? If you’re part of a Movement and you got Love, Hope and Marx!

“Fools Like You” is a view on the capitalist food chain;
“They are selling crap to you, and loving the right wing people, who are spreading hate to you etc etc”

“Since You’ve Been Gone” is an up-tempo soul-stomper straight forward.

“They Won’t Help You” is about the bitter fact that the society, police etc. will never help you! In the words of Malcom X “What kind Of Democracy Is That? The song contains great instrumental power parts!

“Put The Lights On” has a classic Movement bass line, a strong melody and a powerful message! “Put the lights on the strategy behind the crisis”

“Saving All My Kisses” is a catchy love tune, and “I Can Hardly Live Without You” comes with a straight forward drum intro, the song begins, and the chorus takes you there!! It is power-pop at it’s best!

“Set Me Free” is a classic sixties influenced rock’n roll song.

Last song on the record “If Just My Heart Was Turning” is a slow semi acoustic song with cello, it’s a song to all the broken hearts!


For promoters and the press etc..
Info about the the new album “Fools Like You” cover, lyrics, music, logo’s etc.

Upcoming “Record Release” Tour:
(The new album will be sold at the shows)

13.09.2012: Knust, D-Hamburg
14.09.2012: Cafe Glocksee, D-Hannover
15.09.2012: Moritzbastei, D-Leipzig
16.09.2012: The Tube, D-Düsseldorf
17.09.2012: Zwölfzehn, D-Stuttgart
18.09.2012: Tap Tab, CH-Schaffhausen
19.09.2012: Trokson, F-Lyon
20.09.2012: TBA
21.09.2012: Stones, E-Lleida
22.09.2012: Gruta 77, E-Madrid
23.09.2012: Loco Club, E-Valencia
24.09.2012: Rocksound, E-Barcelona
25.09.2012: Le Molotov, F-Marseille
26.09.2012: Deep Inside Club, F-Dijon
27.09.2012: K4, D-Nürnberg
28.09.2012: Club Bogaloo, D-Pfarrkirchen
29.09.2012: Kapu, A-Linz
30.09.2012: Monteparadiso, HR-Pula
01.10.2012: AKC Medika, HR-Zagreb
02.10.2012: Shelter, A-Vienna
03.10.2012: Kollosseum, SK-Kosice
04.10.2012: Barrak Music Club, CZ-Ostrava
05.10.2012: Chemiefabrik, D-Dresden
06.10.2012: Bi Nuu, D-Berlin

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